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Get paid to help your audience get more productive with Radarist!

What Is Radarist?

Radarist is a simple yet powerful task and project management tool for busy students and professionals.

Crafted to help individuals get more done (without the need of a giant time investment to learn it) it’s the perfect tool for content creators to share with their audience and earn in the process.

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How it Works

Unique Promo Code

You get a unique promo code that provides your audience a 15% discount on a yearly subscription.

Partner Optimized Homepage Link

You’ll be provided a special homepage link that only offers the yearly plan (with the promo code automatically applied to the buy links) to help conversion of your referrals.

Earn $40 Per Referral

You earn $40 for every yearly plan signup (nearly 50% commission) which uses your promo code.

Built-in Scarcity

The promotion promo code automatically expires 30 days after campaign starts to help incentivize conversions.

Quick Payout

Payment will be made via PayPal 30 days after the campaign ends (this is to account for the 30-day money back guarantee we offer on all purchases).

Earnings Calculator

Change the signups number below to estimate how much you could earn through a Radarist Partner Campaign:

$4,000 Estimated Earnings

Tools to Help You Earn More

Sale tracker dashboard

A dashboard where you can view the number of referrals you’ve converted.

Benefit/feature list

A benefit/feature list you can pull from.

Swipe copy

Swipe copy you can use either partially or in its entirety.

Promo video

A promo video you can use in full, or as B-Roll, or as audio clips for your own content.

No Limit to Earning Potential

A common trend for many creator sponsorships is a “fixed” pricing model. This essentially means the creator is paid a set amount, regardless of how many signups they refer throughout a campaign.

The fixed amount sounds alluring in theory, particularly because it guarantees how much you make. The flip side of that coin is that it’s a great way for large brands to leverage a creator’s highly engaged audience to pay the creator the smallest amount per sign-up possible.

Radarist’s model is different. The goal instead is to provide an opportunity for more of a “partnership” than a sponsorship. Not only does this help align the goals of the creator and the campaign, but it significantly increases the amount a creator can earn.

For context, the price of a yearly subscription (with the creator’s discount applied) is approximately $84.15 (not including tax). With a Radarist Partnership, the creator takes home nearly half of that first year’s subscription at $40 per signup.

This means, for a creator with a highly engaged audience who’s a good fit for Radarist, there is no limit to the amount he or she can make.

Best of all, if a campaign goes exceedingly well, seasonal and/or repeat campaigns are always a possibility.


Do you have an ongoing partnership program? We do not at this time. The current infrastructure only allows for a finite amount of time for each promotion. We’ve also found that capping the promotion period tends to lead to better performance (30 days), however, we may consider adding the functionality for ongoing/uncapped promotions in the future.
How do I get paid? During the application process, we’ll just need the Email address connected to your PayPal account (you can create one for free if you don’t already have one). Once the campaign ends, there will be a 30 day period to allow for any potential refunds. After that time passes, we’ll make the full payment of your earnings (minus any applicable PayPal transfer fees).

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